Buenaventura Hotel Project
Hotel values
Respect and improve the environment; we sell presence in a pristine environment, then we absolutely need the most pure, pristine and clean environment around the bay, not only the hotel   Our gust must experience the best in the world, from the best location, the best service, the best prices and the best quality
Our priorities are:
 Quality, Excellence in service, respect the environment, give the best experience in our guest life's and keep a the best working environment for our workers, that will reflect in their service to the gusts, then profit is ensured.
  Our gusts want to feel alone in the midle of our resort, experience our service without any worry and feel in a honest and safe place, then we must give our service in an invisible way and only when asked for it.
Hotel and land development areas.
The best beaches in the world
Completely safe for swimming snorkeling and scuba diving day or night
warm water year around
No waves, no currents, crystal clear water.
Warm weather year around.
Safe for cyclones
Hotel project  100 rooms
10 Palafitos
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10 submerged rooms  
Included in the project:
Hotel Area 30,000 m2
100 beach front rooms.
Restaurant Bar for 200 guests.
Swimming pool in front of every room.

Motor boats
3 guest buses
rental cars
Scuba diving equipment and facilities
Submarine for excursions
Chairs and tables
Beach umbrellas
Towels for beach


    Bathroom in each room
King size or double individual beds.
4 pillows
2 night stands
2 suitcase stands
2 sofas
Computer desk
Stand lamp
table with chairs
desk lamp
dressing room
5 Stars hotel design All rooms
Services Commercial area   Newspaper, magazine stand
pharmacy & doctor 24 hours
rent a car office
travel agency
International quality SPA
Business office & conference rooms
Barista cofee shop
Gymnasium and weight control

Reunions and groups services Multiple use divisible saloon
Groups conference and dining room
Beach and swimming pools   Swimming pool in front of every room
beach party areas.
beach games and sport equipment
Boats rental
Submarine trips
16 hour lifeguards on swimming pools and beaches
Guest services   1.- Reception staffed by trilingual employees 24/7
2.- Information desk for all the local attractions.
3.- Exterior Portman 16 hours a day.
4.- Taxi services 24/7
5.- Telex, mail and internet service 24/7.
6.- Secretarial services during business hours.
7.- Children care 24/7 if arranged by guest.
8.- Free parking for guests.
9.- Musical ambience on all public areas.
10.- Cafeteria and soda fountain 16 hours a day.
11.- Restaurant for all 3 meals.
12.- Spanish, English and French on all menus, literature and signs all over the hotel.
13.- Barman, maître, captains at least bilingual.
14.- Restaurant meals 24/7 for guests.
15.- Newspaper on room every morning.
16.- Ice machines near every room available 24/7.
17.- Room dressing every day and on guest change.
18.- Evening change on occupied rooms.
19.- Reverse osmosis Drinking water on every room.
20.- Color TV, 3 video channels one in English and musical channel on every room.
21.- Telephone for internal, local and international calls 24/7.
22.- Cold and hot water on all rooms 24/7.
23.- Laundry, iron, sewing 16 hours a day, 7/365.
24.- Life saver on swimming pools 24/7
25.- Food and drinks service on pools area.
26.- Conference, movies, projections or shows room with translators available.
27.- Stationary and copies on guest demand to rooms.
28.- Dogs care center and staying.
Restaurant   International & local cuisine

For groups special cuisine on order.

International wine cellar and sommelier.

Mexican wine cellar and wine test courses.

Restaurant bar service on swimming pools, beach and SPA areas.

Restaurant cooks your fishing trip catch.

Locally caught ultra fresh seafood served

Organic vegetables and food served.

Baristas coffee international and Mexican.

Mexican seafood Barbanegra special with some of the best sea food in the world.
Kobe beef  Tajima-ushi race Wagyū quality.

It has a very buttery texture that is completely different from American beef. These cuts of beef can cost about $150 and up per pound, a testament to the prestige of Kobe beef.
Environmental   Absolutely Zero pollution to the sea by resort.

Resort improving local environmental status permanently program.

Absolutely All trash and water recycled to gardens.

Water obtained from the sea and reverse osmosis purified, then added salts to recreate local absolutely pure springs flavor on all hotel uses.

Solar Electricity 100% provided locally, no pollution of any kind generated by resort locally or far produced.
We don't use energy generated by burning oil.

The best in Mexico carbon signature building.

Hotel construction using environmental rules stricter than national.

Hotel built with local basaltic rocks and sand.

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