Marina Paraiso Baja

Marina Paraiso Baja, is a beachfront land development that started with Buenaventura hotel and is now going to start the second phase, that's is to build a 50 Has. land development with 458 houses all ocean view houses, high end quality built following California building codes and international green standards. Built on the Buenaventura lot, on the north end of the lot, with a private beach that can only be accessed through the development gates, being separated from other beaches by cliffs on both sides.
Actual view from the top of the land development, 458 houses, 16 of them beach front, including a beach club exclusive to the land development while our top banner panoramic is the actual view form that beach club site. with access to 5 km. of beaches that belong to the Buenaventura lot.

Marina Paraiso Baja, only start the land development with those 50 Has. (123.5522 acres), because the lot´s area is almost 1000 Has. (2,347.492 acres) that will support the following phases of development.

We are going to build the ideal beach front city, the future center of Baja and its going to be a sustainable green city, where people will be able to walk the beaches on a complete security and in a clean environment.

The 3,000 sq. meters (32,291.73 sq. ft.) beach club, on top of the point, will have access to its private beach or to Buenaventura beach and hotel on it.

The club to serve the 458 development houses, will have all the services to allow you to enjoy the beach front view, out to let you act as a business man on a very modern office that happen to be beachfront, with all the modern communications channels at your disposition. It will be your afternoon place to have a drink or your beach front office.
If you live in Marina Paraiso Baja, this is going to be your backyard Just in front of the Buenaventura hotel and all along our 5 km of beaches, you can catch clams with your own hands, with the warm ocean water to your waist.

The houses will be built based on California building codes, not local building codes; with superb attention to architecture, to obtain one of the best developments in Baja, to live the golden years, walking the beach and doing all the beach sports only possible in Baja and Mexico.

The future phases, will include areas that will resemble Venetia where you will have a house with a channel on the back of your home and you will be able to go to the store or coffee shop on a kayak or gondola or your yacht.

Bahia Concepcion, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with our lot having some the most pristine beaches in the bay and we plan to keep it that way, building in a completely environment friendly way, we will generate our own electricity with wind turbines on top of the hills, will process our trash with Thermal depolymerization (TDP) to reduce pollution to absolute zero, our water will come from the sea through desalinations and any waste water will be processed and feed to our gardens, our goal is ABSOLUTELY NO POLLUTION TO THE SEA.

Our goal, is absolutely no pollution to our bay, we will demonstrate that we can live by the sea and keep it pristine.

Land lot level curves, showing that this is a very special lot, in fact, the best in Bahia Concepcion, because it is the only one that has big semi areas tilted toward the bay, no other lot has the capability to have a 100 acres golf course or sport marina, this one has.

Land lot level curves arroound the hotel and first phase land development