Company                  Blvd.. Adolfo Lopez Mateos, tambien conocido como Periferico Sur, 3380 Torre A, int. 704, Jardines del Pedregal, Delegacion Alvaro Obregon, Mexico D.F. C.P. 01900 tel; 554 373 8603                   Contact

Grupo Empresarial CUGAG S.A. de C.V.

Zephyr Star Towers

19,320 m2 property located at Blvd.. Adolfo Lopez Mateos, also known as Periferico Sur, 3380 Torre A, int. 704, Jardines del Pedregal, Delegacion Alvaro Obregon, Mexico D.F. C.P. 01900 , mortgage with the property as collateral, with definitive ruling issued in favor of  CUGAG S.A. de C.V. jusge just ready to give ownership to CUGAG.

PLANS:  as soon as we gain ownership, we will start the land development with construction of 1 to 3 60 levels towers named Zephyr Star towers with hotel, condominium and commercial center.
This will me one of the top commercial centers in Mexico, located in one the best real estate in Mexico city, able to arrive world trade center in 10 minutes, Cuernavaca toll road in 15 minutes  and to Santa FE in 15 minutes.

Baja Real Estate advisory

Cugag S.A. de C.V. engineering and legal Real Estate investigations, cover to 1825 along both coast lines in Baja, having advised the USA consulate in Tijuana and some of the biggest land developments with experience starting in 1985 and having won the biggest cases in court for the land developers, like Castillos del Mar, Playa Encantada, CFE and the Army, offering the service to whom may need it.

Plans: We will continue to advise the American real estate buyers through the Baja Forums, helping them avoid the problems that historically have occured in Baja, saving the millions of dollars while upholding the good name for Mexico and Baja and offering the serv ice to real estate buyers and owners.

Property development and administration

Munoz Industries has Real Este holdings that are now starting to be developed, and CUGAG S.A. de C.V. is the instrument to develop them through its building arm DPS S.A. de C.V: and through its own personnel to administrate the properties already built.

Plans: At this time we are in the planning stage to restart Hotel Buenaventura in Bahia Concepcion, finishing the legal aspects and issues to start developing the property for Posadas de Mexico to operate with one of its hotels Gama, we will also start building a land development adjacent to the hotel in to 458 beach front and beach view lots and houses.

Business acquisitions and start ups Mexico

Munoz Industries is starting to accumulate capital that has to be invested and there is no better way to invest that to invest in new businesses and start ups.

Plans: The first businesses to invest in to are the ones already owned by Munoz Industries group, like Barbanegra sea food restaurant and Santa Leyenda Bar, that are going in to the franchise stage, while developing Ultrasensorial with its several inventions that are starting to arrive at the product optimization to reach the global market, but then we will start opening the investments to acquire new technological businesses all over Mexico and USA.

Bonds sales Mexico and EUA.

Munoz Industries has at his disposition a collection of Chinese and Mexican bonds, that are values that have demand in USA.
Now CUGAG has developed instruments and procedures to make the acquisition of those bonds a secure commerce operation, able to deliver the bonds to any USA city and selling them in a legal way through Forus Development Co. Inc.

Plans: At this time we are locating buyers for the available Super Pechinis and Farmers Chinese bonds while we have a hold of 3 Liberty $2500 and even one Black Eagle $2800.
On this to assure buyers of the bonds authenticity and legality, we use the PASS-CO insurance and internationally recognized bond expert Martha Patricia Blanco who will insure the buyer.