Private property documents to Cachimba Azul

recibo This is the actual deposit on the Nation bank account paying for the land to the Federal Government.   This constitute the actual change in ownership to the land, the instant when the property change hands and there is no better ownership proof , paid actually by Maria Elizabeth Espinoza Montaño who latter sold the rights to the title to Jesus Olivia Cobarruvias Almeida, who gave control of the property to Munoz Industries.
Posesion This is the legal moment when Maria Elizabeth Espinoza Montaño, gains the legal right to poses the land from the Federal government   This constitute the legal proof to legal physical possession to Cahaba Azul land, given to her by the Federal Government and is a very important document, because without it, it is a Federal felony to poses National land and possession can only be legally executed by a citizen by legal permission given in writing by the Federal government.
Actual document where Maria Elizabeth Espinoza Montaño sell the land to Jesus Olivia Cobarruvias Almeida before SRA.   At this time and at the time the document was issued, the property was technically National Land and had to be sold before the SRA and they did it the right way and since that time the real owner is Mrs. Cobarruvias.
National land private property sale file cover   This give the data to locate the national land file in the Federal public registry, detailing the legal procedure for the sale to Maria Elizabeth Espinoza Montaño, is the cover page to the Federal file selling the land.
Sale´s authorization by SRA to the Maria Elizabeth Espinoza Montaño to Jesus Olivia Cobarruvias Almeida land sale.   Since the property is technically still national land, the sale of this property had to be done before the authority in this case SRA (Secretaria de la Reforma Agraria) and sanctioned by it, this is the document where Mrs. Espinoza gave the property to Mrs. Cobarruvias.
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